June 30, 2017: TGIF

Today was another fairly quiet day, as I spent half of it in bed with a migraine.

It wasn’t a huge deal, but I did end up missing class. According to Hanna, I didn’t miss anything too terribly essential, so that’s good, but I did feel bad about missing. I’m here to study after all.

I decided to do my laundry today, which was its own quirky adventure.

So the laundry in Gort na Coiribe, the student village we’re staying at, is coin operated. It’s €3 for a washing machine token, €3 for a dryer token. That’s the first problem. Coin operated laundry I totally understand, but having to go to the reception desk to buy a token and then using the token rather than just the coins is ridiculous. Plus, who wants to pay €6 every time they want clean, dry clothes? What kind of scam is that?

Second problem, they do not explain to you exactly how to operate these tiny little washers. I ended up inserting my token too early and the machine ate it. €3, wasted.

I waited 30 minutes for reception to get back from lunch so I could buy another token to use. After that, things went off without much of a hitch. I got clean clothes, they got to pocket extra money, everything was great.

When my friends got back from classes, we decided to make it a chill night and cook dinner together. Casey suggested pizza, but Hallie wanted something more Friday-y. So we decided to have our own little barbecue. I took a walk to the shopping center up the road to get the sides, Meaghan and Joanna got buns and condiments, and Casey and Hallie bought burger patties and sausages.

Dinner was a lot of fun to make and also quite delicious. It was a relaxed evening, especially because tomorrow we knew we were taking a trip to Connemara, considered one of the most beautiful places in Ireland.

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