June 28, 2017: Galway Wins!

One of the things on our Bucket List for Galway was to see a football or hurling match while we were here.

I don’t sports. Not really. I used to play soccer (here, football) and am an avid hockey fan, but that’s usually as far as I’ll go. However, as the old saying goes, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Or, in this case, when in Ireland, do as the Irish do.

Hanna had a great idea for all of us to go as a group to the Irish football game. There was a GAA semifinal match tonight, and it would be our only chance to see one here in Galway. Naturally, our whole group came together for this. Tickets were only €5 with a student ID, so it would be a really nice, cheap night out.

I had both classes this morning. Lit was taught by a different professor than usual, and my God, did it show. Dr. Pilkington was an absolute menace, and he put on a fantastic performance for us during lecture. I had absolutely no trouble believing he was a drama instructor–you can spot the type from a mile away. He was absolutely hilarious, and I really enjoyed class.

A bunch of people decided they were going to ride their bikes to Pearse Stadium where the match was held. Problem for me is, I don’t know how to ride a bike. I never learned. So I had to walk, along with a few others.

When we looked it up, it said the walk was only 2 miles, or 4 kilometers. I can usually walk that distance in a fairly short time. However, this walk was on winding roads and hills, and we took the long way. It took us almost an hour, and my ankles nearly gave out. In hindsight, we probably should have just taken a taxi (which we did on the way home).

The game itself was like nothing I’d ever seen before. Irish football is what you would get if soccer, American football, and basketball had a love child, and that child was born addicted to crack. Basically, it’s played with both hands and feet. If the ball goes into the soccer goal past the goalkeeper, the team gets 3 points. If the ball goes through the field goal attached to the soccer goals, the team gets 1 point. It bears a lot of similarities to Quidditch, but I can’t even begin to really do it justice in terms of explanation. You just have to see it for yourself!

Best part was that Galway won by a lot!

isa gaa
ISA Galway Girls take on the GAA match.

After the game, we wanted to go into City Centre and get food, but Meaghan decided we all had to go home. Seeing as none of us had phones that worked to call a second cab, we were kind of at her mercy.

I went to hang out at the other apartment with Caitlyn and Kaylin, and Cait was nice enough to buy us all dinner. We were all a little hangry, so they turned on the UK version of Big Brother and we ordered burgers and fries from Supermacs. It may have been just because we were starving (it was after 10 by the time we got our food) or because Irish beef is superior in every way, but that was just about the most delicious burger I’ve ever eaten and I am planning on having another.

Once again, I ended the night surrounded by new friends, laughing and talking and enjoying myself immensely. I’m really looking forward to our weekend excursions together. I know they will be a fantastic time!

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