June 27, 2017: Early Rising

I’m not really a morning person.

I specifically built my college schedule around the fact that I never want to wake up before 8 in the morning for any reason. As an insomniac, I value sleep, and while I’m unable to fall asleep early, I can very easily sleep in. So I go to bed when I’m tired and wake when I naturally rouse.

Today, however, I was on a mission to find myself a Claddagh ring. And that required waking up early despite not having class until 2.

Now, legend has it that it’s bad luck to buy yourself a Claddagh ring, that it is supposed to be given to you by a friend or parent. But seeing as Aisling told us that was just a silly myth and I was intending to get several as souvenirs anyway for friends and family, I decided I’d probably be fine.

Joanna and Meaghan came with me this morning. We stopped for breakfast and coffee at the Galway Baking Company in Eyre Square, where I was able to get a small Irish breakfast (consisting of a fried egg, two bacon strips, a sausage link, and toast), and a mocha coffee, for €5.95. It was absolutely delicious and worth the money.

We then walked around, trying to get lost in town, and stumbled across the docks. We had a chance to admire all the boats, some of which were unique, like the one that looked remarkably like a pirate ship. We walked around Salthill for a bit, only stopping to peek inside the Claddagh ring shop in the Latin Quarter right off the River Coiribe. They didn’t have my size ring, but I was able to find several of them as gifts. We also stopped at a small tea shop, Cupan Tae, and smelled all the loose leaf teas they were selling. I thought about buying one, but I’m not a big tea drinker and they were fairly pricey.

During our walk, we saw a ton of Swans and the red house featured in Ed Sheeran’s “Galway Girl” music video. I was also approached by several happy puppies who wanted to say hi. Here, most people walk their dogs around town without leashes (or leads, as they’re called), so the little furballs are free to roam and say hi to people passing by. One happy little Golden Retriever came up for head pats. He was a cutie.

We headed back to school, stopping for water and a quick snack (it was a hot day for Ireland). I was supposed to join Joanna for the Sean-Nos dance workshop, but mother nature decided to punch me in the gut before I had the chance to go, so I had to decline. Instead, I went to get a good seat for our first mandatory interdisciplinary seminar. During the seminar, three instructors talked about mass emigration from Ireland during the different periods in Irish history through different contexts: namely, music, literature, and history. Each professor had about fifteen to twenty minutes to say their piece, then they opened the floor to questions for about a half hour. It wasn’t the most earth shattering thing, but I was interested to hear the various perspectives.

To end the day, I had a 3 hour Creative Writing workshop. Of that three hours, we really were only there for about two and a half. He let us out fairly early, which I was grateful for. I love that class, but a three hour night class can be a little difficult to deal with, no matter how intriguing the subject matter is.

The night was fairly mellow after that. I had an assignment to do that was due in at 11:30 Wednesday morning, so I did not go out, which was okay by me. I’m not much for the party scene. The week is already flying by, and midterms are right around the corner, but I’m still loving every minute.

Even when I have to get up early to enjoy it.

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