June 26, 2017: Run-of-the-mill School Day

Today was fairly boring, so this blog post will be mercifully short. I spent most of my day in the Arts and Sciences building at NUIG, thanks to having 2 two-hour classes. I started the day off with Creative Writing, during which my poem received fairly stellar reviews. It’s always nice when an accomplished professor tells you your work is publishable. I don’t need the constant affirmation, but every once in a while, it is much appreciated.

I had a long interlude between classes, so after lunch I decided to try the frozen yogurt at Smokey’s. I guess I was expecting your typical frozen yogurt that you can find stateside, but this was not that. This was Greek yogurt put in a freezer and served like soft serve. It was bitter and very strange, and while it wasn’t bad, I will not be having it again while I’m here (and I’m now afraid to try the smoothies for fear they’ll be the same way).

The interlude gave me the chance to just sit and write for a while, which was perfect. I had the chance to work out my assignment for Creative Writing before Lit started.

As much as I do love my literature professor, he has this voice that can just lull you right to sleep, and today was no different. He talked at us nonstop for 2 hours about Yeats and the selection of poetry we were required to read. I definitely felt every tick of the second hand on the clock, and when it was finally okay to leave, I wasted no time getting out of there. I have a feeling I’ll be spending more time on the NUIG campus than anywhere else, so I’m hoping to explore more of it, perhaps get lost on it and try to find my way back to the Arts and Sciences concourse. It’s fairly massive, and I’ve only seen a tiny fraction by now.

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