June 24, 2017: Integrity and Friendships Abroad

Today was kind of a strange day compared to the craziness and excitement of the past week. On the itinerary, I was supposed to go to the Galway Farmer’s Market and Charlie Byrne’s book shop with the tour group. However, I woke up kind of late to a message from Hallie saying she was going to the doctor to get an x-ray on her foot. I knew once the x-ray was done, she wasn’t going to want to/be able to go anywhere, so I volunteered to stay behind with her and be available should she need anything.

I questioned the decision later and realized that I would feel awful if I had been stuck at home alone while everyone else went out and had adventures. My parents always taught me that in order to have friends, I have to be a friend. So I stayed back.

When Hallie came home on crutches, I was glad I was there to take her prescription up to the pharmacy down the road so she wouldn’t have to struggle to do so. I had no idea where the hell this pharmacy was or how pharmacies even worked here, but it was another chance to learn through discovery. I ended up walking all the way around the Dunne’s store, which is a sort of mall that has little shops for everything from groceries to clothes to pharmaceuticals. I waited for about ten minutes and got her prescription for her, then trekked all the way back.

After that, she went to take a nap (the poor girl hadn’t gotten a wink of sleep the night before from being in so much pain), and I sat down to work on my article for the newspaper. As much as I love working for the school newspaper back at home, having stories due while simultaneously trying to study abroad is a massive struggle and I’ll be happy when I turn the last one in and don’t have to think about it anymore. I’m so much of a perfectionist, and having to carve out time to try and write something decent while I’m so far removed here in Ireland and doing other assignments is a stress all its own.

Once everyone came back, showing off their Farmer’s Market purchases and pictures and videos, we decided that a chill evening was just what we needed. So, we ordered pizzas from one of the local chains. It’s called Supermacs, and it has a burger place, a Papa John’s, and an ice cream shop in one place, and they deliver fairly late into the night. We got pizza and spent the evening, as we’ve been doing more and more often, laughing, talking, and bonding with one another. Hallie, Joanna, and I made a plan to get up somewhat early the next morning and go into town to check out the Farmer’s Market before our class’s field trip to Coole Park and Thoor.

Everyone turned in fairly early, so I had a chance to get onto a video call with my mom and tell her about all these adventures thus far. But I was not prepared for the excitement and beauty that was to come in just a few short hours.

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