June 23, 2017: NUIG’s Finest Take on Friday Night in Galway

We came to the end of the school week and the beginning of our first weekend in Galway. It seems absurd to us, but we have only been in Galway for about 4 days now. But the question then was, what to do with our Friday night? While many decided they wanted to go out, Casey, Hallie, Kaylin, and I decided to go grab dinner and do our own pub crawl at our own pace, having a drink here and a drink there, finding live Irish music, and enjoying each other’s company.

We had an early lit and film class this morning. During class time, the professor lectured and talked at us for two full hours about the use of landscape in Irish cinema. Not the most interesting topic, but we did get to see clips from various Irish films, which piqued my interest quite substantially.

I went home immediately following that class, had lunch, and took a power nap, which was just what I needed to feel refreshed. After everyone was ready, we set out for City Centre and the Cellar Bar, which was on our handy little list of things to do in Galway.

The place was very cute and had a little more relaxed atmosphere than I suspected the nightclub or the pub would be. I had a delicious burger (as just about all the beef here is really fresh and incredibly yummy), and we sat and chatted. We probably stayed longer than we needed to, though, seeing as the food came out fast and we ate fairly quickly. We spent about an hour waiting on the check only to find out we had to go to the bar to pay, a quirk about Ireland we were still getting used to.

We went to the Quays pub next (pronounced “KEYS”) and met up with some of the others in our group. There was a band playing on the elevated stage. The music was great and loud. Some of it was traditional Irish, some not. They played both the Steve Earle version of “Galway Girl” and the Ed Sheeran one back to back. They also played Sweet Home Alabama, and I’m embarrassed to say I got a little excited about it. We had a drink and hung out for a while, and eventually met up with Joanna.

The rest of the group decided they were ready to move on and headed across the street to the nightclub The Front Door. It wasn’t a nightclub like we would think of one, but a gorgeous, massive labyrinth of a place with bars, a DJ, and places to dance and hang out. It was well lit too, which was nice. We sat at a little circular booth in the corner by the music and laughed a bit together. A very eclectic group sat down beside us, with one of the men, who sounded French and looked old enough to be my grandfather, asked if I wanted to sit on his lap. That wasn’t all that great.

By this point, Hallie was in a bit of pain. She had done something that hurt her foot, and the hurt had flared up in the time we had been out. We decided to call it a night around midnight and hailed a taxi home.

The cab driver was a Nigerian man (though I couldn’t place his accent at first). Casey, who by then was just a little tipsy, engaged in a bit of banter with the man, which he thought was hilarious. He told her he was from California, which she staunchly denied and insisted was a lie. Eventually, he did tell us where he was from. He was really great, and I tipped him a little extra on our way out the door.

Unfortunately, Hallie got locked out of her room and was really in agony by then despite having ibuprofen on board, so Casey and I stayed up with her until Cameron got in with the room key. We wanted to take her to the doctor, but she, being the sweetheart she is, didn’t want to inconvenience anyone. We will probably insist she go come morning.

Despite the end of the day being filled with worry, it was a fabulous night out in Galway.

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