June 22, 2017: Fish and Chips!

I had my first official Creative Writing class today. It was as wonderful as I could have ever expected. For two hours, we shared our creations and workshopped with one another, offering suggestions and critiques for improvement. I got to learn a little bit about all the dirty jobs my classmates had ever been forced to do, and it almost made me feel a little better about my life and all the things I’ve had to do.

I stuck around after class to get lunch and finish writing my assignment for the following class period. It was fairly rainy that day, but Kaylin and I decided to make a trip to City Centre with some of the other girls. We met up with everyone at Penney’s in the shopping center, then made our way down to McDonagh’s for fish and chips. The place was small but roomy, with big picnic tables and seafaring decor. The food was absolutely incredible. Fish and chips are bound to be decent in a port town like Galway, but this was far better than fish has any right to be. We ate outside despite the rain and got a few photos.

After dinner, Kaylin and I walked Shop Street and got some gift ideas for our families. She and I are both kind of indecisive people, but we wanted to check everywhere to decide what we were going to get rather than making snap decisions. I also got a picture on the bench with the statue of Mr. Oscar Wilde.

We ended the day seated around the table, laughing hysterically with one another. In all, it was a stellar, low-key kind of day.

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